Delivery Marlton NJ

Delivery Marlton NJ

NJ Delivery in Marlton Can Bring You a Pizza Right Now

If you're in Burlington County, and you have a craving for a great pizza, call on Joe's for quick NJ delivery in Marlton. Joe's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Bistro offers an exceptional selection of crusts, sauces, and toppings, so everybody dining at your table can enjoy their favorite flavors.

Here at Joe's Brick Oven, we love pizza. Doesn't everyone? Whether you prefer pepperoni or go for green 'za, nothing beats a fresh pie right out of the brick oven. If you're waiting for NJ delivery in Marlton right now, relax and ponder a few fascinating facts about pizza:

* America's very first pizza restaurant was established in 1905 in a former grocery store in New York City. Called Lombardi's, the pizzeria catered to a mostly Italian crowd. In fact, most people who ate pizza in the early part of the 20th century were immigrants from Europe. After World War II, soldiers returning to the United States clamored for the classic Italian treat, explains Mental Floss.

* Hawaiian pizza was not invented in Hawaii. The pineapple-ham pizza premiered in Canada in 1962. It wasn't made by a Pacific Islander, either. Greek native Sam Panopoulos is credited with concocting the first Hawaiian style pizza. Today, you can ask for pineapple or any other topping when you call Joe's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Bistro for NJ delivery in Marlton.

* In Brazil, pizza chefs top their pies with fresh green peas. Order a pizza in France, and it might come topped with fried eggs. If you crave crust made with tiny hot dogs, order a pizza in China.

* A talking computer ordered a mushroom, ham, sausage and pepperoni pizza in 1974. Michigan State students had cause to test out new vocal software, so they programmed a talking computer to call a local joint and request a pizza. Today, you can order online to get NJ delivery in Marlton.

* A famous pizza franchise that specializes in kids' birthday parties was established by Nolan Bushnell --the very same guy who co-founded the Atari game company.

* What do actors Stephen Baldwin, Bill Murray and Jean Claude Van Damme have in common? All of them worked at pizza restaurants before their thespian careers took off, according to Mental Floss.

* Erstwhile Malcolm In the Middle actor, Frankie Muniz, starred as a pasta-powered superhero in the 2011 flick Pizza Man. For the millions of people who missed the movie, the plot line revolves around a 'za delivery guy who derives his amazing powers after noshing a genetically modified tomato.

* Two years after Pizza Man premiered, former Home Alone child star, Macaulay Culkin formed a cover band called Pizza Underground. With a wink and a nod to Lou Reed, P.U. Performed songs re-written in the manner of Velvet Underground.

If all this pizza trivia has given you an appetite, call (856)334-7000 and order up some Joe's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Bistro NJ delivery in Marlton right now.

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